Top Tips

Living with a group of people you’ve never met before may seem a little bizarre at first, but we’ve pulled together some of our top tips to help you live in communal bliss in both halls of residence and private accommodation.

Halls of residence

  • Think about the neighbours! This is probably the most important tip of all. There will be all kinds of people in halls and you all have to get along together, so it’s only fair to keep the noise to a minimum. Group of students
  • Your rooms are for working and studying as well as the place where you sleep, so keep an area aside just for work. You’d be amazed how much you can forget to do if everything is hidden under piles of clothes! 
  • Washing up really is easier if you do it every day. If you can, draw up a rota to share the load, or agree to do your own after each meal. It might help to only have one plate, cup, bowl and set of cutlery each. 
  • Life is easier if you keep your room reasonably clean and tidy and remember to change your bed sheets regularly. It makes you feel better to have a clean room. 
  • Meet your Resident Tutors. They’re there to help you if you have a problem, so it’s good to know who they are. 
  • Sort out any expenses you may have. You might want to top up your Endsleigh insurance package or need a TV licence for example 
  • And finally – enjoy yourself! It’s fun living with hundreds of like-minded, similarly aged people and you probably won’t get to do it again. 

Private accommodation

If you’re not in halls, the wise student always:

  • Sorts out contents insurance (you may find your parents’ insurance covers you, if not, there are plenty of other options, just ask at Accommodation Services.Private Accommodation
  • Takes an inventory when they move into a new house 
  • Finds out who is currently supplying the electricity and gas 
  • Reads their electricity and gas meters and informs the suppliers 
  • Reads the water meter, if applicable 
  • Lets the University know their address 
  • Gets some food, cleaning products and other essentials in 
  • Checks the inventory again…you don’t want to lose your deposit! 

The Getting Started website also has lots of information about your first days at Uni.