Alumni Volunteers FAQ

How can my organisation get involved?

We are currently looking for a range of work placements and internships for USW students from across all departments. If your company/organisation would like to offer a work placement of internship, please visit our website to find out more information or register your interest here.  If your organisation is interested in giving time to the University in other ways, please get in touch with Katy Hales, Alumni Development Officer,

What is giving my time to the University/volunteering? Is this specifically for Alumni?

Giving time to The University of South Wales is open to anyone who wishes to volunteer their skills and talent, take part in activities which support the University’s strategy, and specifically help students and research. Opportunities to give time and volunteer are not just open to alumni - we welcome those who do not have a connection to the University. We just ask that you give your time for free and that you are not paid by your business/employer to volunteer.

Who can give their time?

Each of our Alumni Volunteer roles asks for particular skills or experience. If you have these we would love to hear from you. It doesn’t matter if you are an alumnus of The University of South Wales, University of Glamorgan or University of Wales, Newport; a local community member or just interested in what we do - we’d love for you to be involved.

What type of volunteering is available - could I work with a student 1-1 or talk to large groups of students?

There are many different ways you can give your time and volunteer for the University from work, from home, from the UK or from anywhere else in the world. The range of opportunities include: quick micro-volunteering activities, 1-1 student mentoring, speaking to large groups of students, advising our academics or entrepreneurs, completing online profiles, online eMentoring or more strategic roles. You can find more details on our opportunities page.

Can I help with more than one role?

 Yes of course you can. We’d love for you to help with as much as you feel you have the time and expertise to help with.

What happens if I already volunteer for another part of the University? Do I need to let them know I'd like to take up another role?

No don’t worry - please let us know about your other volunteering role, and we will take care of everything else.

Are there any roles where I can volunteer directly with my school/department?

Yes there are. Lots of Schools and Departments are looking for alumni to help with student activities such as Careers talks and advice. For more information on roles available at the moment please visit our opportunities page.

How do I sign up to give my time?

 Visit our opportunities page, to apply for specific opportunities which suit the amount of time you have, where you are in the world, where you want to volunteer and your skill set. Please click through to the application form for that role, where there is a quick form to fill in.  

 If you can’t find a role suitable for you, please contact - we will contact you when a suitable role comes up.

What roles are available?

You can volunteer from home via some of our online opportunities such as providing an Alumni Profile, or you can come to South Wales to speak to students or take part in the range of opportunities we have on our different campuses. Alternatively, you might like to volunteer from elsewhere in the UK or Internationally. For a list of current roles please visit our opportunities page.

I don't live in South Wales, can I volunteer?

Yes you can. We are aware that some of our alumni don’t live in South Wales and may not be able to come back to campus. We are constantly looking at new opportunities which can be accessed remotely- so please keep an eye on our opportunities page.

I am a member of staff at the University, can I volunteer?

Definitely! If the volunteering role is outside of your current role and you’d like to give your time please check with your line manager before applying.

I am a student, can I volunteer?

Yes of course! If there is a role you think you are suitable for please apply and just let us know you are a current student

Will my expenses be covered?

Volunteering or giving your time to the University of South Wales is unpaid, but we do understand that for some people expenses may be required to take part in volunteering activity at The University of South Wales.  Further information on the types of expenses which can be claimed for your role can be discussed with the alumni team.

What will happen to the personal information/data I give you?

All information is held securely on the University’s central database and will be treated confidentially and with respect in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Unless you tell us otherwise the data may be used for events programmes, alumni activities involving academic and administrative departments, fundraising programmes and for the promotion of benefits and services, which may involve an element of direct marketing. The data will not be disclosed to any external organisations, other than those acting as agents of the University. This may include organisations such as the Higher Educational Survey Agency (HESA). If you do not wish your information to be used in this way please write to the Alumni Office or email

Will I need a DBS check?

For some of the volunteer roles we have we will be conducting some background checks. Each role will be considered very carefully to see whether this is required for the role. We may ask you if you have a DBS check in place.

What recognition will I get from the University?

We really appreciate all of the help, advice, guidance and time our volunteers provide. To recognise this we will regularly collect case studies and photographs to celebrate our volunteers, as well as set up a series of ways to say thank you including our Alumni Awards. More information will be available soon.