Volunteering your time

What is alumni volunteering?

Supporting student recruitment

As a graduate working in business, you or your company may be in a position to offer internships or work placements for our current students or graduating classes. Accessing USW talent has never been easier. More

Inspiring the next generation

You my be interested in getting involved in our career talks or becoming a guest speaker at our Alumni Big Weekend. Your insights and experience can mean the world to those looking for direction in their future choices. Get in touch to explore the options.

Share your story

We're proud of our alumni and the impact they make on the world. By volunteering a career profile you can illustrate the impact of a USW education and help inspire current students - alumni of the future. Read some of our latest alumni profiles.

Offering advice

As an alumni mentor you can help guide our students and fellow graduates as they navigate the challenges of university and start making plans for their future career. A soon to launch alumni initiative, if you'd like to register your interest, please contact us. 

Giving guidance

As a graduate or potential graduate recruiter you may be well placed to guide our current students to successful outcomes - whether helping them with the CV, signposting them to relevant networks or preparing them for interviews. If you'd like to help support our current students in this way, please get in touch.

Organising events and reunions

Many graduates enjoy class reunion - whether returning to South Wales or meeting up with classmates in their local region. As a reunion coordinator you provide a central point of contact for your peer group and the Alumni Office.  A great way to reconnect with familiar faces! Keen to organise a reunion or join the 2016 Alumni Big Weekend? Contact us to find out more.

Contributing to governance issues

As a graduate of at least 5 years since graduation, you might be interest in volunteering your time as a Trustee for the Students' Union. Opportunities occur annually. Connect with the Students' Union to find out more. 

Future opportunities

We're always keen to work with our alumni volunteers and we look to engage our supporters on a number of levels.  Future initiatives may include those listed below.  Interested? We'd love to hear from you.

  • Supporting the growth of our alumni groups overseas
  • Helping us develop and share our photo archive
  • Participating in alumni governance initiatives