Missing Alumni - where are they now?

1940-41 students 

Can you help? Over the years, we’ve lost touch with some of our graduates.

Ahead of Alumni Big Weekend 2018 we're particularly keen to reconnect with alumni who are celebrating milestone anniversary years - be that from 5 to 65 years since completing studies! 

As part of this, we would be particularly interested in reconnecting with former students who completed their studies in years ending with a 3 or an 8:

  • 2013 (5yrs)
  • 2008 (10yrs)
  • 2003 (15yrs)
  • 1998 (20yrs)
  • 1993 (25yrs)
  • 1988 (30yrs)
  • 1983 (35yrs)
  • 1978 (40yrs)
  • 1973 (45yrs)
  • 1968 (50yrs)

Did you or a friend complete your studies in one of these years? If so, we'd love to hear from you.

Details can be submitted online or give us a call.