USW ‘Exchange’ Business Clinic

The Business Clinic is part of the new initiative ‘USW Exchange’ aiming to develop the relationship between academia and industry - Enabling USW students to have the personal skills, awareness and discipline essential in the workplace.

The USW Business Clinic is an education scheme whereby a group of students participate in a ‘consultancy firm’ to provide advice for our clients. The service is offered to all types of companies from SME’s, multi-national and non-profit organisations.  Students get to the root of the problem, which results in a detailed report and presentation of their recommendations.

How it works:

In their final year of study, students offer clients a full consultancy experience, after initially scoping the project clients can expect students in groups of three/four to get hands on and tackle the organisations problem.  Generally, this consists of visiting the organisation, communicating with clients their progress, conducting primary or secondary research on behalf of the client and finally making recommendations in form of report and presentation.

Potential areas of support:

·         Logistical review and recommendations

·         Human resource audit and recommendations

·         Feasibility studies on strategic decisions or expansion

·         Digital marketing and social media audits

·         Strategic marketing reviews

If your organisation has a particular problem or gap in knowledge, the Business Clinic at Exchange would be delighted to hear from you.



Telephone: 01443 482266