Studying accountancy has opened so many doors, says Rebecca Wright


Rebecca Wright completed her ACCA qualification at USW in 2014, and is set to complete her ICAEW qualification this year. In 2016, she left her position at Mitchell Meredith, a firm of chartered accountants, to return to the University to teach Accountancy

“Studying at USW was the best thing I’ve done by far - it’s opened so many doors for me and my life has changed direction completely.

I think that working while you study is essential. You can have all the theory you like, but there’s no point until you put it into practice and you start to realise what people are talking about. Accountancy affects every single person. You get to see that every day and can make it relate to what you’re studying.

You have to work from day one. I did one day of study and four days of work per week. It needs commitment and you have to keep going. If you can come in, come in – even if you leave late or leave early.

I studied before and after work, and I agreed with my employer to study for one day a week near exam time. It becomes a lifestyle thing, and I was a bit emotionally drained by the end because I put everything into it. Completing the ACCA was such an achievement though.

After I completed the ACCA, whilst I enjoyed to new lease of life without study, I really missed the time spent at the University. I was asked to complete some part time teaching at the University, teaching in some modules for ACCA. I was very grateful for the opportunity, and really enjoyed this new University experience from the other side of the desk. An opportunity later came up to teach full-time, so last year I left my position at Mitchell Meredith to take it up.

Teaching is much harder than I imagined, but there is nothing more rewarding than seeing committed students striving for success. I learnt so much from my studies, not just accountancy, but myself, and developed many new skills that I am now able to put into practice. Having such recent experience of study means that I really empathise with students and the challenges that they face, but I am able to spot those who need to find the advised time you are expected to commit to their studies.”