Social Work and Health and Social Care Management | Students | Kemmine

Kemmine, Health and Social care Kemmine Compere, 21, graduated with first-class Honours in BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care in July 2013.

Why I chose to study this degree

I have always been interested in the health and social care sectors, especially the care of older people, and wanted to further my knowledge. I felt this course would open so many doors and not restrict my options in the same way as a more specialist degree. I applied to two different universities, however the friendly and professional manner in which I was treated here made me sure this was the place for me.

What did you enjoy studying?

There were so many different aspects to the course, and that’s what made it so interesting. I have gained so much more than I could have imagined. I studied 18 modules over three years and attended 12 weeks’ worth of placements. Each module provided me with vital knowledge of the health and social care sector, while allowing me to explore what I am most interested in – the care of older people, in particular, dementia sufferers.

I thoroughly enjoyed my final year placement with the Older People’s Commission for Wales. I spent two weeks there and my only regret is that I did not spend the entire six-week placement there as I enjoyed every minute of it.

Developing skills and confidence

I developed the ability to critically compare and analyse issues, as well as source and make use of research. I am more confident in communicating with others and presenting my own ideas and arguments. I gained so much experience from it. I carried out work around Advocacy for Older People and produced a report on the commissioner’s consultation on independent advocacy which they are planning to publish at some point this year.

Supportive learning environment

The academic support was excellent. Dr Carolyn Wallace and Nigel Downes, in particular, were a huge support, especially during the final year. They provided invaluable support and advice, not only with my academic work but with my career choices.

My highlights

In my final year I won the 'Solferino Prize for Humanitarian Studies’. The optional Disaster Health Care module required us to produce a visual presentation on a UK disaster. I chose to produce a poster on the Aberfan disaster. The prize included an opportunity to attend the University-run Disaster Healthcare conference held in Finland.

I have made some wonderful friends, friends for life, through this course. We were a relatively small group, so everyone supported each other, and there was always one-to-one support provided if required. The course has prepared and trained me to work with older people and the other professionals that provide care for them.