How to write a personal statement for Teaching

Advice from our Admissions Tutor
Primary teaching

In your personal statement for primary teaching, we are looking for you to:

  • Be excited about teaching
  • Write clearly and correctly
  • Discuss your experiences working in a school
  • Demonstrate your ability to reflect on experiences with children
  • Talk about your interests and achievements



  • Tell the interviewers, in your own words, why you deserve a place on the course
  • Think about the skills and qualities you need to be a good teacher and how you can demonstrate these
  • Demonstrate a passion for teaching
  • Talk about any recent developments in education that interest you
  • Talk about any experience you may have in a school or similar setting and what you have learned from this



  • Say that you’re interested in teaching because you like children. Instead, tell us why you want to teach children and talk about your personal experiences.