What do learning disability nurses do?

Current student Sophie explains the role
Learning Disability Nursing

"I think that the main misconception about what learning disability nurses do is that, like general nurses, our roles are focused around medicine," says Sophie, 30, a learning disability nurse from South Wales, "However, this is not the case. 

"Learning disability nurses use a holistic person centred approach towards the care of every individual. We support and advocate for people with learning disabilities, and work alongside families and carers from time of birth until death.

The main challenges of being a learning disability nurse is the constant battle of making peoples voices heard, ensuring equality and inclusion for people with learning disabilities.  I would love to see more progress made in this area, and will endeavour to advocate and work with people with learning disabilities and professionals to help make it happen.  

When people ask me about the course, I get really carried away explaining about how much I am enjoying all the different things that I have learnt or been taught and I am always recommending the course to friends. I really couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

The one placement that stands out for me is one over the Christmas period. All the service users in the unit were really looking forward to the festivities. I had got to know them all very well and knew that for some, it would be a particularly difficult and lonely time of year.

I decided to buy them all a selection box and a card. It was a small gesture, but the reaction of one person - who was overcome with happiness to receive a gift - made my day."

Find out more about studying learning disability nursing. With thanks to Learning Disability Wales for the image