Construction Project Management degree led to specialist role

Carys Bate, Construction Project Management graduate

Carys Bate, from Clyro in Powys, graduated from the Construction Project Management degree in 2014. She now works as a Compliance, Planning and Policy Specialist at AD4Energy Limited

About my job

I am responsible for the assessment of government legislation and policy updates, feed-in tariff and renewable heat incentive applications, consultancy work for clients, submission of planning applications, liaison with the Environment Agency and research and development into power purchase agreements.

More recently, my work has involved analysing international energy legislation and trends with a view to identifying new markets.

I have continued to develop my understanding of the industry, both nationally and internationally. It took two years to earn the title of ‘specialist’ but that time has been well spent as I now stand out from the crowd with my knowledge and understanding.

It was thanks to my project management course that I got the job. One of my assignments was based on whether the UK could be sustained on renewable energy alone. As part of my research, I came across the technology of anaerobic digestion. I have always held a keen interest in agriculture and construction and in this I found a way to combine the two.

I approached a few companies, and AD4Energy Limited responded. After an initial meeting to discuss the technology, my chosen degree and hopes for the future, I was sent away with the promise of a role being created for me upon graduation. I have stayed with them ever since. 

I have a great work/life balance, flexible hours and work within a really great team. For me, it’s really important that a company has a culture that I can enjoy being a part of.

About the course

The modules gave me a great range of knowledge to rely on, from understanding construction law to technical specifications, drawings and management methods, to name just a few. I particularly enjoyed learning about construction technology, calculations and how building elements work. This has all come in useful in my current role.

The management methods we were taught have helped me enormously. This, in my opinion, was the most valuable aspect of the degree, and will set applicants apart from the rest in interviews.

But all the modules provided transferable skills that can open doors to different roles and experiences. Just because I studied Construction Project Management doesn't mean that I have to stay within this field - the opportunities are vast and make for a very interesting and varied career.

What stood out 

It has to be the small class sizes for both lectures and tutorials. This really lets you build a good relationship with your peers and lecturers which makes it much easier to hold discussions and ask questions when needed.

I experienced a number of issues in my personal life during my third year where I really took my eye off the ball. Without the support of my lecturers I could easily have lost motivation and not finished the degree. Without their help I wouldn’t be in the fortunate situation I’m in now and I cannot thank them enough for that.