Art Psychotherapy and Music Therapy student exhibitions

Each year, trainees from the MA Art Psychotherapy and MA Music Therapy courses get together to organise a public exhibition of artworks created in their independent artistic practice during the academic year.

In response to the art therapy trainees’ efforts, the music therapy students perform an improvised music piece on the opening night, which reflects the exhibited artwork.

This year, two exhibitions have been put together by the students, Year 1’s ‘Attachment’ and Year 2’s ‘MAP’ based loosely on the experiences of theoretical learning on the course and the shared developmental journeys of the two courses’ cohorts.

  • The MAP Exhibition runs from 3-12 May at The Riverfront Theatre and Art Centre, Newport
  • Attachment runs from 6-12 May at Barnabas Arts House, New Rupera Street, Newport 

Both exhibitions are free and everyone is welcome to attend.