A UK degree has been key to my success

Salma Al-Hudaid, originally from Sana’a, Yemen, achieved a first-class Honours degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of South Wales.

Salma currently works in the Technical Development Section for Kuwait Airways, where she is involved in an ongoing process of assessment and analysis to determine early possible failure of the company’s fleet system and components, and assist in analyzing corrections and improvements.

"The Aeronautical Engineering program was of high value to me. I already had experience in the aviation industry, so I was looking to the BEng Aeronautical Engineering course to provide broad academic knowledge in the same field, as well as an engineering degree from a British University. The UK education system is well known for its high standard and worldwide accreditation.

The degree I obtained from the University of South Wales has been a real asset to my career.

I enjoyed building my theoretical knowledge and then applying it in the practical projects. The most memorable experience was my final year project titled “Passive Lift Augmentation – Skin Alteration” which looked at improved aerodynamics and fuel-efficiency.

I designed a cross section of an aircraft wing with ripples on the top surface replicating sharkskin. The sharkskin replica redirected the airflow and reduced drag.

The project included research, design, construction (3D printing) and testing. It was quite challenging and time consuming, nevertheless I gained so many skills and enriched my knowledge.

I loved living in Wales and enjoyed its beautiful weather and outstanding nature as well as the hospitality of its people.

As part of my aeronautical engineering course, I also completed a work placement in the design department at Heli-One (Norway) where I worked as an Avionics Design Engineer producing wiring and layout drawings using AutoCAD."