Qualification provides good foundation for life after the military

Gareth is studying the MSc Leadership and Management course, alongside his role as Sergeant Major in the British Army.

Gareth, who is based in 160 Infantry Brigade in Brecon, said: "The MSc course seemed a natural progression from the CLM courses taught through the Army.

Gaining professional civilian accreditation for a military leadership and management experiences provides a good foundation for further service or life after the military.

Having the knowledge and academic theory and frameworks of leadership and management has been hugely beneficial in my role within the Army.

The ability to understand why organisations and individuals act and behave the way they do has been so beneficial. I feel like it’s enabled me to be more productive in the most effective and efficient way.

My studies have given me a deeper and broader understanding of management styles, and the academic methodology coupled with the interaction of fellow students from varied and civilian backgrounds has helped me develop my working methods and wider strategic understanding.

The experience of studying and interacting and learning from fellow students has been invaluable and has given me a broader perspective to leadership and management issues. 

The leadership and management course is studied via weekend study sessions, allowing me to attend lectures without it impacting work. Contact time with tutors outside these times is also flexible.

The modules directly translate to the working environment thus justifying parts of the study being conducted during the working day. It’s useful to have an area of interest to base assignments on, which then makes study more enjoyable and worthwhile.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by studying this postgraduate course.

I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone working in management, and particularly to those in Senior Staff Sergeant, Warrant Officer or Officer positions within the Army."