Nigel Mataranyika

The Intro!!! 

Welcome to my blog😁

My Name is Nigel, I am a Zimbabwean currently studying Masters in Law at the University of South Wales. I love my course and because I enjoy it the work does not feel like work. 

With blogs, Vlogs and other forms of media I would like to show you the side of Wales, and the University life I have experienced and as an African International student I want to show Africa in a different perspective. Particularly the beauty within the so called ‘beast’ (Reference to ‘beats of no Nation’). I want to encourage viewers and followers to visit Africa and and the importance of the heritage of Africa.

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My latest Posts!

How to get from Pontypridd to Treforest.

Hey guys, in my first vlog I take you from my house in Pontypridd to the Universities Treforest campus to show you how easy it is!

Find out more about the University of South Wales here:

Croatia 2016

See photos from my summer trip to Croatia on my blog