Teaching is a profession unlike any other. If you are passionate about your subject, if you think you could motivate and encourage learners, if you can relate to pupils and their parents, you might have found your perfect career. 

Challenging, fulfilling and exciting, teaching is an increasingly popular career option.

The University of South Wales has an excellent reputation for teacher training and many years’ experience of delivering teacher training courses. Work placements at home or abroad are a key part of our teacher training courses. But you don’t have to stop learning when you start to teach others. Teaching graduates can specialise with further training in areas such as special educational needs or leadership and management.

UCAS Extra

If you have applied through UCAS already, and have either been unsuccessful or have declined all your offers, then you are eligible to apply to study at the University of South Wales through UCAS Extra. 

Find out more about Extra and watch a video about how it works on the UCAS website.

Apply Through UCAS Extra

GCSE Grade B Equivalence Modules

If you have missed out on a B grade at GCSE for English Language and Mathematics, then the University offers specific modules to give you the equivalent qualification to a B grade if you already have C grade GCSE English Language or Mathematics. Find out more.