GCSE Grade B Equivalence Modules

Have you missed out on B grades at GCSE for English and Mathematics?

If you’re interested in Primary or Secondary teacher training the entry criteria changed for September 2014 entry onwards. The Welsh Government raised the entry requirements for GCSE English and Mathematics for applicants to Initial Teacher Training (ITT) courses. You now need a minimum of B grades in GCSE English language and Mathematics before commencing ITT courses such as those offered at the University of South Wales in Primary and Secondary. This applies to courses studied at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

New B Grade equivalence modules in Mathematics and English

If you don’t currently meet these entry requirements then don’t panic – we have the courses for you. At the University of South Wales, you can now study specific modules to give you the equivalent qualification to a B grade. These modules are recognised by Welsh Higher Education providers and equal to 20 credits at Higher Education level 4.

A pre-requisite of the course is that students already have C grade GCSE English language or mathematics (or equivalent). Students need to be confident and competent at this level before starting the course as you will build upon skills already gained.

Assessment will comprise of 50% assignment and 50% examination and will cost £275 per module.

Module Information and Start Dates

There are two intakes per year, in September and January.

The next start dates are week commencing 25 September 2017 and week commencing 08 January 2018. 

Essential Mathematics for Teaching

The Essential Mathematics module is delivered on Mondays (5.30pm to 7.30pm) for 12 weeks, at the Newport City Campus.

Topics covered include:

  • Algebraic Methods
  • Statistics
  • Space and Shape
  • Introduction to Calculus

Essential English for Teaching

The Essential English module is delivered on Tuesdays (5.30pm to 7.30pm) for 12 weeks, at the Newport City Campus.

Topics include:

  • Skills review: including key aspects of sentence structure, punctuation and spelling
  • Understanding Grammar
  • Essay construction
  • Reading for information
  • Using appropriate language repertoires
  • Non- fiction text types

How to Apply

You can apply for these modules direct to the University via our online application form. Please attach a copy of your GCSE English and/or Mathematics certificate to the application form.

For more information, please contact us on: 03455 76 77 78