UCAS Extra

If you're still looking for a university course and want to start studying this September, you can apply to the University of South Wales.

Can I apply?

If you've applied through UCAS already, and used up your five choices and have either been unsuccessful or declined all your offers, then you are eligible to apply to study at the University of South Wales through UCAS Extra. This allows you to apply for another course between mid February and the beginning of July.

A list of courses that still have places can be found on the UCAS search. Enter your details and add W01 University of South Wales into the 'provider' field. Once the results appear, in the filter section on the left-hand side, underneath the category 'applying through Extra' tick the box that says 'show courses in Extra'.

How do I apply?

When you have found a course you’d like to apply for, add this as a new choice through UCAS. If you are eligible to apply through Extra, a button will appear on your track page.

If you have any questions about applying through UCAS Extra, or applying to the University of South Wales, contact us on 03455 76 06 06 or enquiries@southwales.ac.uk

Animation, Games & Visual Effects

Animators, visual effects artists and games designers are a major force in 21st century entertainment.

Our established portfolio of courses covers traditional film-based 2D and stop-motion, as well as the growth areas of computer animation, 3D computer generated imagery, and games design.

Business and Management

Modern business is about applying knowledge to practical situations, and having the confidence to do so. Studying business will help you develop an excellent understanding of how business works.   

Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Our courses have a focus on analytical chemistry and its applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and forensic sectors. Students learn how to use our industry-standard instrumentation, so that they develop a skills base for future employment.


At the University of South Wales, you can examine the structures and processes of living organisms, and how they interact with each other. Our degrees cover the whole spectrum of biology, from forensic biology to international wildlife, so you can specialise in an area that interests you.

English and Creative Writing

Study with us and be taught by academics who are prize-winning poets, novelists and story writers, many of whose publications have been recognised as internationally excellent or world leading.


Historians make connections through time to understand the world. You’ll learn how to present your views and create powerful arguments - we’ll even take you outside the classroom for fieldwork in the UK and overseas.


Our computing courses cover areas such as programming, computer security and computer games development. You will develop your skills in a focused and supportive environment and get to use the latest technologies in high-spec labs. 


Mathematicians and statisticians are in great demand, as employers value the logical, quantitative thinking and problem solving skills a mathematics degree provides - study with us and kick start your career.

Early Years

Early years focuses on working with children from birth to eight years to make a difference to their learning and development. Study with us and learn about children’s rights, strategies for behaviour management, and gain an understanding of the curriculum. 


We have an excellent reputation for teacher training and many years experience of delivering a range of courses at primary and secondary level with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Work placements at home or abroad are a key part of our teacher training courses. 

Police Sciences

Our Police Sciences degree supports the needs of police services, law enforcement agencies and the private security industry. You’ll not only develop the skills to operate effectively in a number of law enforcement and security roles, but you’ll also know how to manage and lead within these organisations.

Geography and Geology

Our location for fieldwork is second to none, with the Brecon Beacons National Park and Glamorgan Heritage Coast nearby. We offer a rich and diverse international portfolio of fieldwork too. Learning in and through these locations will provide unforgettable experiences and essential skills.


Criminology is a topical, interdisciplinary subject that draws from sociology, psychology and law to examine the issues surrounding crime and the criminal justice system. Looking at how crime is defined, why people offend and the consequences of crime, criminology examines the role of the various agencies and institutions that make up the criminal justice system (e.g. police force).

Medical Sciences

A key feature of this course is the application of scientific knowledge to clinical scenarios using clinical simulation. You will also gain experience from intensive work placements in local NHS facilities - these provide first-hand experince of medicine and healthcare in a range of departments and disciplines.


Our psychology degrees are accredited by the British Psychological Society. Our psychology labs will develop your practical skills, and you'll have access to tools including eye-tracking equipment and EEG machines. 

Youth & Community Work

Working with children and young adults is often rewarding and provides a real opportunity to make a difference to the lives of others. Youth workers change lives. Through youth and community services, they inspire, educate and empower young people.

Social Work

Social work is a challenging and rewarding career which focuses on people - from babies to older people.  To practise as a social worker, you'll need a degree in social work in order to register with a regulatory council in the UK.


Sociology isn’t for the faint-hearted. You’ll study diverse topics, from consumerism to communism, racism to royalty, and trade unions to TV advertising.


Chiropractors are primary healthcare professionals who specialise in bones, joints, muscles and soft tissue. This often involves manipulation of the spine, but they are often consulted on the effects of musculoskeletal disorders on the nervous system and general health too.

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