Global Choices

Fascinating to hear someone who has been at the centre of power and world events distil his thoughts on this topic. BOS Survey 2016

Trump must unite his nation

Dyfrig John CBE, former CEO of HSBC

Dyfrig John CBE has worked at the highest levels of international banking and finance, culminating in his tenure as Chief Executive of HSBC, one of the giants of global banking and investment. He has served, too, on the boards of the Lloyds Banking Group and, closer to home, the Principality.

In this extract from an interview before his recent lecture and Q&A on Managing risk, uncertainty and crisis in a global economy, Dyfrig outlines the options available to new President of the United States, Donald Trump.

The difficult choice that has not been made

Lord Hain of Neath

Former British Cabinet Minister

Speaking shortly after his lecture on Defeating ISIS, Lord Hain gave a wide ranging interview touching on the principle measures for defeating ISIS, the importance of drawing understanding from fact and, as noted here, the difficult decisions that have yet to be made. 

Education at the heart of counter-extremism

Annie Purcell

Teacher, Y Pant Comprehensive School

Also a TA Reservist, Annie recently returned from operations in Afghanistan where she witnessed first hand the vacuum that is filled, not by education, but by extremism. With over 20 years experience in the profession Annie explains how education is essential to counter extremism abroad, and at home in our own schools and colleges.

A life lesson in determination

Steven Frank

Child Holocaust Survivor

After surviving interment in a Nazi concentration camp, Steven Frank was brought to England as a POW with his mother and two brothers, aged 9.

Following a moving and inspirational contribution to Global Choices: Talking points, Steven reflected on his early experiences as a refugee in 1940's Britain, the similarities of the refugee crisis today and critical importance of resilience.

A difficult choice

Mohanned Kelash

MSc Global Governance Student


BREXIT and the automotive industry

Visiting Professor Geoff Cousins

Consultant and Former Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover

In the lead up to the referendum, Geoff Cousins was able to share insights on BREXIT and the uncertainty it may bring based on his own extensive experience of leading a global automotive brand. 

Intervention: When and how

Chris Lincoln-Jones

Intelligence Surveillance and Target Acquisition Specialist

Chris has had operational experience worldwide including with the United Nations and NATO and is an Intelligence Surveillance and Target Acquisition Specialist with a particular knowledge of Unmanned Air Systems, commonly known as drones. 

Chris discusses case studies of where military intervention has been successful and unsuccessful and highlighted the variables that determined the outcome. 

The most important lesson in diplomacy

Baron Kerr of Kinlochard

Former Head of the British Diplomatic Service

As the debate on Britain’s membership of the EU heated up ahead of the ‘in/out’ EU referendum in 2016, the University of South Wales Global Choices series hosted one of the UK’s most senior diplomats, with experience of working both in Washington and Brussels, to consider the decision voters faced, Britain’s membership of the EU and its place in the world.

The most powerful propaganda machine in the world

Jeremy Hunter

Award winning journalist and photographer

Jeremy Hunter - the celebrated photographer - entered North Korea just before the death of Kim Jong-Il, to photograph "ARIRANG" - an extraordinary, epic, propagandist spectacle.

In this short interview, Jeremy Hunter reveals an extraordinary insight into the daily life in what Robert Gates, former CIA director, described as "the toughest intelligence target in the world".

Assessing the scene: A global career lesson

Sir Jeremy Greenstock

Consultant and former British Special Envoy for Iraq

Sir Jeremy Greenstock worked as a career diplomat for over twenty years taking on roles such as British Ambassador to the United Nations and later being appointed as the British Special Envoy for Iraq in 2003, immediately after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s government.

Energy Security: 3 key lessons

Ian Pilcher

Director SOG

In this short interview, Ian Pilcher reviews 3 of the most important lessons that have been learnt from securing and marinating an energy supply in post-conflict areas, such as Iraq.