Clare Hudson

Claire Hudson honoraries 2015

Claire Hudson was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the University in recognition of her contribution to broadcasting and journalism in Wales.

"To have a few years to focus purely on learning is an extraordinary gift. I know I wouldn’t have become who I am without that formative experience, which helped me to understand the relationship between learning and life, and to grasp that you need never stop learning.

I am still in touch with close friends I was at university with decades and decades ago; a bond is formed I think from the compression and intensity of time spent learning and living together. We all shared the commitment to making what we were learning relevant to the lives which lay ahead of us, and a belief that part of the point of being privileged enough to go to university was to make a difference to the world subsequently. I have never forgotten some of the books I read, and the essays I wrote – or some of the things my lecturers said to me.

Graduation is a key moment of transition – for students who came straight from school or perhaps a gap year, but also for mature students – looking back at what we have learned and friendships we have formed, looking forward to who we will become as a result of what we have experienced in university.

I hope that students graduating today will extract as much value from their experiences here at the University of South Wales as I have done throughout my life from my three years as an undergraduate student."