Helen Molyneux

Helen MolyneuxHelen Molyneux was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws in recognition of her contribution to the law, and to the economy in Wales.

"The cost of a modern university education is well documented and is undoubtedly a cause of considerable anxiety to many. But those of you graduating today can rest assured that the value of your education far exceeds the price you may have paid.

We all know that a university education helps lead to a more interesting and better paid career. But the value – to you and
your communities – goes far beyond that.

John Henry Newman recognised this in the 19th century, saying that if you must ascribe a practical outcome to a university education, it is that of training good members of society. More recently, a 2013 Department for Business, Innovation and Skills research paper confirmed Cardinal Newman’s view.

The research found that graduates enjoy better health and live longer. They suffer less from depression and other mental health illnesses. Your children will do better at school, because graduates tend to be more engaged with their education, read stories to them and talk to them. Graduates are also more inclusive, with more positive attitudes to diversity and equality. Most importantly, graduates are more engaged citizens – not only will you pay more tax, and do more volunteering, but you are more likely to be involved in trying to improve our communities, more likely to take part in the debate, set the agenda and seek solutions to the problems facing others. So, treasure your university education. The price may have been high, but the benefits - to you and your communities - will be immeasurable."