Professor Jonathan Crego BSc (Hons) PhD MBE

Jonathan Crego honoraries 2016

Professor Jonathan Crego was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science in recognition of his contribution to the development of investigatory techniques in policing and intelligence agencies around the world.

"Higher Education has such a vital role in the preparation of the new generation of creative thinkers; this graduation hall bears testimony to this and is full of energy, hope and sparkle.

Whatever your degree, or higher degree, the sky is really the limit, and your journey is in no way fixed or clear. However, what we have found in all our journeys of discovery, what really matters, is to follow your dream with integrity.

The University of south Wales represents world-class delivery of Hydra methodologies and simulation. Hydra is an approach to critical incident decision making, whereby students, police officers and fire officers are immersed into highly realistic and complex scenarios. I have been developing hydra over the past 25 years and Hydra suites are now operational in more than 80 locations worldwide in law enforcement, fire services, military and intelligence services.

"USW has pioneered the use of these methods for university students and is an active member of The Hydra Foundation, a collaborative research institute representing each of the suites. The University has integrated Hydra simulations into undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, to provide real-world insights into the complexities of difficult and sensitive decision making in the uncertain world of policing.

Often difficult decisions do not pivot on the choosing of the ‘right’ decision, but more the selection of least worse consequences, those that directly impact on victims and communities. I have had the privilege to guide the evolution of this 21st century approach to teaching at the University for many years. Congratulations to you all."