Sir Emyr Jones Parry PhD FInstP

Emyr Jones Parry honoraries 2016

Sir Emyr Jones Parry was awarded with an Honorary Doctorate of Laws for his contribution to Welsh society, and international governance and security.

"Higher Education opens doors to new opportunities and horizons. It stimulates our capacity to think and argue, trains us in new skills, and gives us the opportunity to make friends and experience diverse cultures. It should be an enjoyable, often life-changing experience which helps prepare individuals for future employment.

Today’s graduating class consists of talented, more mature people who are better prepared for the next stage of their lives. Some will have pursued vocational courses, others more theoretical subjects. But a common feature is the production of young men and women who have the confidence to challenge ideas, to tackle challenges logically, and to harness their intellects. those are lifelong skills which will stand the graduands in good stead.

Today is the culmination of many years of hard work and effort. Those graduating are entitled to feel a sense of  pride which will be shared by family and supporters. Graduation is an important step, but a degree is just a first deposit for each graduate’s investment portfolio of personal skills. Each will have to keep acquiring new skills, many in areas which we cannot imagine now.

It is likely that those graduating will have many jobs during their working lives, and this will require regular updating of skills and getting new ones. if you can find work which you enjoy and where you can make a difference, you are more likely to be content. I offer those graduating my congratulations and best wishes for the future."