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Health, Sport & Professional Practice

The School of Health, Sport and Professional Practice encompasses the following subject areas:


USW Sport Park

Sport Park barn_30416.jpg

The school has top of the range facilities including USW Sport Park, a £3.7m state-of-the-art coaching and performance development Centre, as well as medical and sports laboratories with cutting edge technologies and machinery.

Hydra Simulation Centre

Police Hydra Simulation Centre.jpg

Students studying on our Policing and Security courses have access to fully equipped police interview rooms, using exactly the same equipment as UK police forces. The Hydra Simulation Centre, owned by only a few Universities across the world, is used to train Police, and allows academic staff to construct complex operational scenarios to test the operational and managerial capabilities of students.

Welsh Institute of Chiropractic

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The Welsh Institute of Chiropractic at the University of South Wales provides great teaching support to its students and offers students a range of opportunities to help graduates pursue a career in the chiropractic profession.


Centre for Criminology
The Centre for Criminology comprises a team of active researchers and research students with specialisms in homicide and violence, policing, youth justice and youth policy, probation and prisons, the rehabilitation and resettlement of offenders, prisoners' children and families, substance misuse, green, global and transnational criminology, crime prevention, animal abuse, informal justice and alternatives to prosecution and imprisonment. Members also collaborate with colleagues in the Centre for Social Policy and the International Centre for Policing & Security.

Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences Research Unit
The Unit focuses on two functionally-integrated clinical and applied impact themes that reflect long-standing interests in Vascular Health and Sports Performance. The Vascular Health Group focuses on the pathophysiology of atherosclerosis and the vascular benefits associated with increased physical activity and healthy eating across the ageing continuum. The Sports Performance Group makes use of extensive collaborations with elite sports teams and takes a practical approach to improving sports performance and participation.

Unit for Development in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
The Unit for Development in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities’ (UDIDD) mission is to enhance quality of life and quality of service provision for people with intellectual disabilities and their families and carers

Lifespan Health and Wellbeing Research Group
The Lifespan Health and Wellbeing Research Group is a vibrant multi-disciplinary research group comprising nursing, physiology, health psychology and human geography, centred around two broad health-related research themes that relate across the lifespan: Prevention and Intervention, and Policy and Practice Interface. 

The International Centre for Policing and Security
The International Centre for Policing and Security (ICPS) is the UK's oldest and most reputable policing and security centre. It undertakes research that informs UK and EU governments, specialising in key security issues such as terrorism, political violence, cybercrime and warfare and transnational organised crime.

Genomics Policy Research Group
The Genomics Policy Research Group is one of the longest established research groups studying the ‘new genetics’ in existence in the UK. The Unit’s aim is to make a significant contribution to professional preparation, public education, and ultimately to care improvement in the emerging era of genomic healthcare, through the generation of new knowledge and the application of that knowledge to policy developments.

Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care
The Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care (WIHSC) works to bridge the many divides between research, policy and practice in health and social care. We aim to increase knowledge and understanding, and to apply academic rigour to the complex realities of the real world.