Values and Culture

Diversity and Inclusion

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The University is a large and diverse organisation with staff and students from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. We aim to create a tolerant environment where everyone can reach their full potential.

As part of our work to continually improve equality and diversity across the institution, a network of trained staff known as the Fair Play 30 will act as advocates for promoting equality and dealing with equality issues arising for staff and students in their areas.

Fair Play 30 recently won the Advancing Staff Equality title at the 2019 Guardian University Awards, in recognition of its ‘profound impact on creating a culture of inclusivity’ at USW.

The network aims to complement the University’s current resources and structures for promoting equality and diversity by providing a network of local equality contacts across the organisation. 

USW also holds the bronze Athena SWAN award for its work in gender equality.

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Environment and Sustainability

The University recognises the importance of maintaining and operating a sustainable estate and promoting sustainability across all activities, including teaching and research.  USW is committed to reducing its environmental impact through a number of measures, including:

Energy and Carbon Management

We are dedicated to reducing our energy and water consumption, and have set ourselves an annual reduction target of 3% each year.  Energy and water usage is regularly monitored to help us achieve this.

Waste Management 

We recognise that responsible waste management is important, with limited capacity in landfill sites, and the increasing costs associated with disposing of waste. Therefore, the University aims to reduce the amount of waste that it generates and that is sent to landfill by implementing safe and responsible waste recycling schemes. 


The transport of students and staff to and from the University, around campus and between campuses creates a major impact on the local environment, including air quality impacts and health impacts. Our Travel Plan details the impact of travel and the necessary measures the University will implement to control this impact.


We recognise the impact we can cause on the environment as a result of our activities. The various locations of our campuses mean that each of the landscapes are different and need to be managed appropriately. Our campuses are home to a number of environments, with grassy areas, woodlands and urban areas. As a University, we are committed to maintaining and enhancing our biodiversity through appropriate environmental management techniques.

Health and Wellbeing

Sport Park 2 Strength and Conditioning

The health and wellbeing of our staff and students is of great importance to the University and we are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for work and study.

Staff are able to access online services via Care First, where information and advice specialists are available to help with practical answers to all sorts of issues, as well as a free telephone counselling service that can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Students can find lots of help and advice on our Wellbeing for students page on Unilife.

Staff and students also have access to the excellent sporting facilities at USW, including the Sport Centre on Treforest Campus and the purpose-built Sport Park