Maximising graduate success

We strive to let the outside in with an industry-led curriculum, real world work experience, co-created with industry to address local and global challenges, and to provide a skilled and relevant workforce that they can rely on with a large pipeline of graduates coming out of USW and our partner institutions each year.

By focusing on enhancing our distinctive academic offer, workplace and lifelong learning solutions, and transformational learning, teaching and student experience, we aim to maximise success amongst our graduates to achieve the best outcomes for individual learners.

Civil Engineering students


Our portfolio will focus on the skills needs of students and employers.

There will be a well-evidenced and market-led development process that builds reputation in areas of strength and in growing, and emerging, UK and international markets.

It will be co-designed with industry, regularly refreshed and professionally recognised.

Our curriculum will instil a professional identity and be connected to regional, national and global challenges.

Policing student

Workplace and lifelong learning solutions

There will be extended and enhanced professional, workplace learning opportunities, including degree apprenticeships. 

There will be new, innovative, and flexible CPD opportunities and models of delivery.

We will have an increased focus on blended and online learning opportunities to extend market reach.

Student working from home

Transformational learning, teaching, and student experience

Problem and challenge-based learning will be embedded in all programmes that develops graduate attribute of innovation and enterprise, leadership, project management, digital literacy, commercial awareness and communication. 

Interdisciplinary team-based learning will connect to problems beyond the classroom that drives actions and solutions. 

Our curriculum will create a deep sense of belonging, engagement, networking and pride. 

Engagement with alumni will be embedded in student life, notably mentoring and supporting graduate success. 

Students will have an inclusive voice in the development of the curriculum.