Our external focus

USW places engagement, collaboration, and partnership working at the heart of everything we do.

We work alongside business, industry, and the social economy, to address identified needs and achieve the best outcomes for individual learners and organisations. Having an external focus is an enabler in our USW 2030 strategy and will continue to be a priority as we aim to achieve the following.

The College Merthyr

Accessible Higher Education

Working with partners to improve educational attainment and promote access to, and participation in, higher education will be a priority. 

We will work to support a growth of Higher Education in Further Education opportunities across our region and beyond. 

There will be enhanced support for students from under-represented communities and groups to succeed in higher education. 

There will be a growth of inbound and outbound international student mobility.

Minister visit

Economic and societal wellbeing

We are committed to improving the future wellbeing of the communities we serve, by taking individual and collective action, across our region, including support for the Welsh Government’s wellbeing goals. 

We nurture relationships between industry and communities, acting as a catalyst and bridge, through, for example, practice-based research and innovation focusing on solutions to real world problems. 

Building supportive, trusting and professional relationships with civic leaders to maximise positive change and outcomes for our region and beyond will be a priority. 

We will maximise the economic and public value of our campuses as an anchor institution for the benefit of our partners and communities. 

We are committed to making a positive contribution to the development of the Welsh language.

TATA Steel Rhiannon

Connected and responsible organisation

We will deepen our regional, national and international strategic partnerships for mutual benefit, including development of models to accommodate partnership requirements. 

There will be enhanced engagement with our alumni network to sustain an advocacy and support network for life. 

We will communicate our purpose and value with clarity, integrity and enthusiasm. 

We will embed environmental and corporate social responsibility principles into our practice.