Research and innovation impact

USW's research is aimed at making a difference in the real world, changing lives, and the world, for the better.

Our research provides solutions to the challenges faced by society and the economy, with researchers working across disciplines to help businesses, communities, and policy makers benefit from their research outputs. Valuable contributions are made to many aspects of the economy, the environment, culture, and wider health and wellbeing. The USW 2030 strategy recognises the key roles that research and innovation play, and is focusing on achieving the following goals. 

Medical Sciences

Internationally excellent research capabilities

We will focus on accelerated development and investment in our internationally reputable and high impact research areas: sustainable environment; crime, security and justice; health and well-being, and creative.

There will be focused development of innovative pedagogical practice, including the use of emergent technologies.

Research team for covid-19 rapid test

Research and innovation impact

Our multidisciplinary research teams will focus on providing relevant, impactful solutions to problems that affect society and the economy.

Learning and teaching will be based on insights and evidence from our research and innovation impact in industry and the community. 

We will support, foster and showcase the talent and ambition of our research and innovation. 

USW Exchange

Knowledge and skills exchange for student and strategic partner benefit

Our major strategic partnerships will address global challenges and act as catalysts for wider influence and support. 

Our collaborative work will focus on creating greater levels of productivity, innovation and economic impact. 

It will act as a bridge for knowledge exchange between students, employers and community interests. 

We will work in partnership to inspire and support student entrepreneurship.