Our USW Community - Alumnus Peter Bailey

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Alumnus Peter Bailey, graduated from BA (Hons) Visual Effects and Motion Graphics in 2017.

What course did you study at USW and how has your course contributed to where you are today?
Visual Effects and Motion Graphics was a great course that taught me the fundamentals of both disciplines. I really have to give a lot of thanks to the course lecturers I had at that time for being supportive, helping me to become a more rounded individual, obtaining good technical software, as well as social skills. This is what has allowed me to thrive, and expand my own passion and creativity. It later helped me shape what sort of artist I wanted to develop into and where I wanted to go career-wise, and what sort of discipline was my main passion and craft.

What is your job title now and where are you working? Briefly explain your role:
I am mainly a Compositor but I also do some work as a Roto/Prep artist depending on the job and brief. I am currently working at Industrial Light and Magic as a Paint and Roto artist. The project I'm working on currently requires a lot of work involving the removal of unwanted elements, wires, and props from shots, painting out objects or people in shots that should not be there. As a paint and roto artist I have to do this throughout complex sequences to make movies or TV shows look even more realistic and stunning to look at in general. At this current point in time, we’re in a working from home situation, which definitely has meant we have had to adapt as a company to complete projects. Shout out to the great team of artists and IT technicians at Industrial Light and Magic making things run smoothly.

What are you most proud of? This can either be something you did at USW, or after graduating.
The thing I am most proud of has been my ability to do freelance work for a variety of companies. Working on different types of projects in TV, film, advertising, etc. and being able to help deliver some of the most creative work whilst working alongside other truly talented artists. 

What advice would you give to students on your course or to students in general?
My advice is to try and not stress too much about what your peers are doing and whether or not you’re doing well. You will experience many ‘highs and lows’ but the key is whatever you are trying to succeed in be consistent and put in as much time and effort you can. If you’re consistent, willing to learn and can take criticism, you’ll naturally develop into the person you want to be.

What advice can you offer to young Black people who want to enter higher education?
Definitely do it if you're able to - it will broaden your horizons and you'll grow as an independent person.

What is the significance of Black History Month to you?
Black History Month helps to educate the masses about the achievements, sacrifices and experiences of black people throughout history.

The campaign for this year’s Black History Month is proud to be – would you like to share you are proud to be?
I am proud of my Jamaican heritage.