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Forensic Accounting: Take the Role of a Forensic Auditor

In this session you will take the role of the forensic auditor and it will be up to you to investigate the financial and non-financial evidence to draw conclusions about what really happened. You will then have to give evidence about your findings.

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Accounting: Financial Trading Simulation

Financial Using our Global Investor’s Finance Lab simulation online, students will have an opportunity to try out their financial trading skills in our Trading Room - reacting to price movements and news items relevant to a portfolio of shares and commodities – providing an insight into the skills and psychology of financing trading.

*Each student must have access to a computer for this activity

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Going Viral

In this session we will consider the importance of advertising to media and the significance of social media in our everyday life. Looking at examples of memes and viral marketing, the session considers the importance of convergence culture and digital media. This session asks you to think about creating a viral marketing campaign, and to understand how and why certain forms of media ‘go viral’ in the contemporary digital media world.

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Intellectual Property - What it's worth and how to get some

A session around the different types of IP and how to make money from different types of creativity. Students will be given an interactive task , followed by practical advice, culminating in a live online application to the Intellectual Property Office.

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Three Reasons You Shouldn't Go Into Marketing (And Why You Really Should)

Marketers just sell, sell, sell, right? Our natural resources are dwindling, rubbish dumps are full to the brim, and everywhere we look is more "stuff", sold to us by marketers. Even the United Nations have suggested that they need to do more to promote responsible and sustainable production. Does marketing have a responsibility to protect our climate, our resources, and our people? And is there an alternative to our economies filled with "stuff"? In this session we explore the role of marketing in the 21st century and emerging thought on the sharing economy. 

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Logistics and the COVID-19 Pandemic

The aim of this session is to introduce the profession of logistics and  highlight the role of logistics in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. The session will discuss the immediate impact that the pandemic had on the logistics sector in terms of increased demand in some areas and a significant demand in others. The session will look at case examples of retailers such as Amazon and Tesco’s to understand their logistics response and how this kept the country moving during the crisis.

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The aim of this session is to introduce the profession of procurement and highlight the role of logistics in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. The session will explore how the NHS procurement team has to quickly mobilise and provide very different care to unprecedented numbers of patients in an incredibly short space of time.

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Supply Chains

The aim of this session is to introduce students to the concept of supply chain management and highlight what a supply chain manager does. The session will explore the retail and the healthcare sectors global response to the pandemic to highlight the complexity of supply chain management and the impact that it has on our daily lives.

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Trend Forecasting for Fashion

Fashion is a fast-paced dynamic industry which touches every area of our lives. In this workshop you will see into the future, accessing Trend Forecasting Reports which predict the needs and desires of consumers. Learn the importance of this on the Fashion Industry, and how we as consumers are creating change.

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Writing for Professional Purposes

In this workshop, will share tips and tricks for using visual cues and exercises to start the creative writing process for professional purposes, whether it be for social media or for campaigns, and explain the crossover between creative writing and copywriting, art direction and creative direction. 

The workshop will be run by our Senior Lecturer in Advertising Design, Molly Owens, who is an award-winning writer and creative director, and who has had her creative writing published in literary anthologies and periodicals. Students will have an opportunity to participate in creative copywriting exercises, and produce some draft copy which they'll receive feedback for from the faciliator, and be given some resources to continue learning about this subject.

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Storytelling on Behalf of Brands

Students will be given a presentation on storytelling for brands, and will then participate in creative copywriting exercises and develop some draft copy of their own in this interactive and inspiring workshop. 

The workshop will be run by our Senior Lecturer in Advertising Design, Molly Owens, who is an award-winning writer and creative director. Students will have the opportunity to receive feedback at the end of the session, and be given some resources to continue learning about this subject.

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Pitching Workshop

In this two-part workshop, USW staff will set the students an advertising brief based on a well-known brand (examples include Cadbury's, Pringles, Fanta and Ben & Jerry's). In a follow-up workshop 1-2 weeks later, the students will pitch their ideas and receive valuable feedback. This work can also be used as part of their portfolios for entry onto a higher education course.  

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How to Write a Cover Letter

What are the elements of a strong cover letter, and where do I begin? This workshop will help students learn the basics of writing a cover letter for university applications and employment, and they will be given the opportunity to write draft letters and receive feedback on them. 

The workshop will be run by Senior Lecturer Molly Owens, who is an award-winning writer. 

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The False Idol Triangle

Why do the wrong people receive all of the admiration? And what are the psychological and organisational impacts of ignoring productive employees whilst praising the meagre efforts of the favoured few. This session will use the example of the world’s most famous postman (‘Postman Pat’) in order to introduce you to the implications of ‘worshiping false idols’ in the workplace.

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Planet of the Apps

The future of work veiled behind a shroud of uncertainty, a flurry of dynamic change and a cloud of digital leaps, is a ubiquitous topic of debate and discussion and not without reason. It is always important to ask, “Where are we headed?” Where will the technological advancements take the world of work and what impacts will this have on the individual and society. The session will invite you to consider some utopian and dystopian perspectives and introduce you to concepts such as ‘Ghost work’, a deliberately concealed labour force who toil behind the scenes in poor conditions on meagre pay in order to make the internet seem smart.

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From Small Business Owner to Entrepreneurial Leader

According to Oxfam, a 60-seater coach of the world’s richest entrepreneurs carries more wealth than the rest of the population put together.  Indeed, American entrepreneur and investor, Warren Buffet is 90 years of age and the 7th richest man in the world with a fortune worth just under $80 billion.  HE IS STILL WORKING! Why? This absorbing session explores the mindsets of these top entrepreneurs in an innovative and entertaining way.  

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