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AOLE: Science & Technology

This session will look at the impacts of civil engineering to society and the environment. You will learn what civil engineering really is, and what civil engineers do to shape the world and tackle the menace of global environmental changes.

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AOLE: Science & Technology

In this session Senior Lecturer, Leshan Aggulla explores the true motivation behind 5G technology, emerging AI, and how robots and advances in AI technology could save the lives of the most vulnerable in our society.

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AOLE: Science & Technology

Join USW's Champion Rocketry Society as they explore the latest amateur rocketry tech and inspire the local youth to pursue their ambitions in rocketry and space.

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On Campus Activity

Choose from our range of engineering disciplines to build a PDC Engineering visit day that will suit your students.

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Aircraft Maintenance



Built Environment


Electrical & Electronic


Students will be joined by our champion Rocketry Society for an introduction to rocketry and the opportunity to build their own rocket. We will then invite you and your students to launch your rockets at our launch site in Newport.

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