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What is the Internet of Things, what do they do and how they will change our lives?

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Open source intelligence (OSINT) is information collected from public sources such as those available on the Internet. 

As people share more of their lives online, this publicly available information can be exploited using Open Source Intelligence . 

 Find out about this aspect of cyber security in this short introduction by Elaine Haigh, a lecturer in cyber security at the National Cyber Security Academy at the university of south Wales.

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Fuzzy logic is an AI technique that can be used represent vagueness. It has many applications, including the control of machines.

This document provides a brief introduction to AI and includes a simple spreadsheet which can be used to experiment with a Fuzzy logic. 

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Year group: 12, 13 or equivalent 

Location:  Treforest/Newport

These events can develop your students’ knowledge of Informatics, Computer Science and Cyber Security. The Taster Days will also comprise sessions on 'Careers in Computing', and will give your students a valuable insight into studying Computing at HE. Each day includes several practical workshops and, as part of the events, students will meet our academic staff and use our state-of-the–art facilities. 

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Your students will have the opportunity to experience collecting evidence at a digital crime scene; breaking codes to solve a cryptographic treasure hunt, solve escape room puzzles, hunt for and capture hidden flags in a Linux operating system, as well as many other aspects of online safety and security.

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