Moot court

Law & Criminology Activities for Schools and Colleges

This session explores the liability of companies for the deaths of workers or members of the public. The challenges of prosecuting an ‘entity’ rather than an individual are placed under the spotlight. Using recent case law, students will confront the difficulties that face prosecutors and debate the workability of the law in this area.

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Through a fictional scenario, students will learn about the offence of theft, the nature of a triable 'either-way' offence and basic client interviewing skills. Students will be required to devise a series of questions which will advise their client of their legal position. 

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Virtual or in-person. Looking for extra in-put on a specific subject area, maybe an introduction to 'Why Criminology?' or perhaps something different to re-engage the group. Ian and his team have a wealth of experience and access to some diverse and intriguing content. If you have a request please do get in touch [email protected] with a preferred topic and timetable. We are able to do sessions virtually, or in-person within reason of the team's teaching responsibilities.

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