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AOLE: Mathematics and Numeracy

Solving problems and making decisions in areas from manufacturing, government, healthcare and sport, Operational Research is "the Science of Better". Learn how mathematics can help us answer questions such as how big should the next football stadium be? How many beds do we need in a new hospital?

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Mr. Wolf claims he was set up by the three pigs, forensic auditors called in to investigateIn this session you will take the role of the forensic auditor and it will be up to you to investigate the financial and non-financial evidence to draw conclusions about what really happened. You will then have to give evidence about your findings. 

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Using our Global Investor’s Finance Lab simulation online, students will have an opportunity to try out their financial trading skills in our Trading Room - reacting to price movements and news items relevant to a portfolio of shares and commodities – providing an insight into the skills and psychology of financing trading. 

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