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Public Services and Policing Activities for Schools and Colleges

On-campus events/activities

Date: Coming soon

Location: Pontypridd campus - Treforest

Suitable for year 12 and 13 and equivalent students

Our high-impact Public Services Conference opens with a Question Time style event with leading professionals form the field of equality and human rights. Team Work in Public Service is tackled in a hands-on workshop and the practice of lobbying is discussed with experts in the field. The day will close with an overview of this subject area at USW and a Q&A with current USW students. 

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Activities at your school/college

In Scotland’s recent referendum, 16 and 17 year-olds played a significant role, with many voting YES to independence. Debate the impact that elections and the electoral system have,  the effect of further devolution in Wales and whether it matters how many levels of government there are.

*Subject to availability

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Debate whether fairness means that we should all be treated in the same way, or whether it’s possible to treat people differently and still be fair. Explore examples of fairness in policing, education, health and welfare reform to think about the impact of policies on different groups.

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Explore examples of high-quality research and how it affects the delivery of services. Develop the skills needed to design and independently carry out an in-depth research project related to public services.

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