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Introduction into Football Coaching This introductory football coaching taster course contains a mixture of topics that introduce some fundamental principles and philosophies of football coaching through a range of video tutorials and informal tasks. 

Introduction to the Cardio-Respiratory System This taster course into the study of sport and exercise science will guide you through oxygen’s journey through the human body, introducing you to the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems with tutorials and demos from our specialist labs.

Introduction to Rugby Coaching and Performance This introductory rugby coaching course contains a mix of interactive tasks and tutorials that cover a range of topics in rugby coaching including characteristics and behaviours of an effective coach to performance and tactical analysis.

Preventing Sport Injuries Our Preventing Sport Injuries taster course contains a mixture of topics that provide an insight into the cost, impact and preventative measures for sports injuries, and further insight into the field of sport and exercise therapy. 

Thanks for showing an interest in Sport at USW. Our taster days, can be booked as either a half day (one subject)  or a full day (two subjects). A typical day includes a Strength and Conditioning session in the morning, which looks at a battery of fitness tests helping to assess speed and strength. The afternoon session then looks at Sport and Exercise Science including a V02 max test and Hydrostatic Weighing.

Alternatively, we can look at options with Rugby Coaching in the form of analysis and Football Coaching and Performance. If you have any requests, or queries around risk assessments please do get in touch [email protected] and we can look at personalising the day for you and your students. 

Please do note, we do prioritise the use of our spaces for current students first as a result of this Wednesday's do tend to be the best for a full day visit.

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