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Preparing your Students for Higher Education

Our team of experts work with over 2,000 Teachers and Advisers every year, supporting them to shape their pathway to HE programme at their school or college.

This includes the delivery of essential workshops and presentations for years 12 and 13 at different stages throughout the UCAS Cycle, at school or as part of an immersive experience on one of our campuses.

Why Higher Education?

This interactive session is aimed at Year 12 students and answers three basic questions:

  • What is the point of Higher Education?
  • What should student's think about when considering HE?
  • Where could studying at University take them next?

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The UCAS Survival Pack

From course choice to clearing, this session takes students through the UCAS process and offers advice on how to make the most of their UCAS application.

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The Personal Statement

This session can range from a basic 30-minute practical guide on successfully completing the Personal Statement, to an hour-long hands-on workshop. Regardless of the length, all of the sessions will help students understand what universities are looking for, how to present themselves in the best light and find the motivation to ‘get it done’.

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Student Finance

By highlighting the type and amount of funding available and using typical examples, this session allows students to identify how much support they could receive. The session also provides an opportunity for students to address any financial concerns they may have.

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Impressing at Interviews

Interview skills will be required by all at some stage in life and this session aims to prepare students for HE interviews. This talk uses role play and examples to illustrate how to prepare for a successful interview.

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Student Life

For many students, university can be a daunting step. This session aims to take them through the journey of university life and provide them with a number of invaluable survival tips.

The talk will cover:

  • Initial fears and how to overcome them.
  • How to juggle time, money and workload.
  • Taking advantage of the opportunities at university and the skills students will develop.

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Exhibitions and Careers Fairs

Our experienced and enthusiastic team provide professional information, advice and guidance at UCAS Exhibitions, Careers and HE Fairs throughout Wales, the Midlands and the South West.

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HE Visit Days

Bespoke HE visit days can be arranged at each of our campuses in Pontypridd, Newport and Cardiff. These can include guest lectures, workshops, access to facilities and campus tours. 

For more information on activities and projects available for Yr 7 - Yr 11, visit the First Campus website.

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FE Progression

The University of South Wales works with partner colleges, so your students can study our courses at college campuses local to you.

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