Teacher CPD

Throughout the year the Student Recruitment Team work with over 2,000 teachers and advisers offering services and events to ensure that they are up-to-date with higher education information, and supporting them in their day-to-day teaching and advisory roles. 

For more information about CPD sessions and activities, please see the information below. Please note, all of our CPD sessions have been adapted for online delivery, and can be delivered live at a time that suits you. 

If you have a request for a specific activity, would like direct support shaping your pathway to higher education programme, or would like to be added to our key contacts database, please email the Student Recruitment Team.

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No matter ho big or small the cohort, crafting positive, persuasive references for every student can be difficult. 

Delivered by our team of experts, with real-life examples, and plenty of dos and don’ts, this session promises to suitably prepare teachers and advisers for the challenge!

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Year-on-year voted the aspect of the application process that students find the most difficult, how can teachers and advisers make it easier for students to create a good personal statement (without writing it for them!)? 

Packed with useful hints and tips and real-life examples, this interactive workshop will make the whole process a bit less painful for all concerned!

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During this session our team of experts will highlight the type, and amount of financial support your students could receive. 

Students' most common financial concerns will be discussed, and you will have an opportunity to ask any questions that you have around student finance. 

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The Professional Policing CPD event for Teachers and Advisers will give you a brilliant insight into the Professional Policing Degree courses at University of South Wales. It will also provide you with up-to-date information on the new entry requirements for all new police officers in England and Wales from 2020. You will have the opportunity to see our outstanding facilities - we are one of the few universities in the world to have a Hydra Simulation Centre, which is used to train police officers at all levels - from Constable to Chief Constable. This means that our students use exactly the same system that the police use to train their staff to be better officers.

The Hydra Simulation helps students practice dealing with realistic scenarios such as major crime enquiries, so they will be able to develop their interview skills for critical incidents. The simulation centre allows students to experience these incidents in a safe learning environment, where they can test their ability to make decisions, take action and see the consequences.

We also have a Crime Scene House where they can practice crime scene investigation techniques on campus, as well as forensic facilities for analysing forensic evidence.

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The USW Unconditional Offer Scheme 2020 identifies students whose UCAS application, academic performance and predicted results show they have the ability to succeed on their chosen course. Such applicants will be made an unconditional offer of a place on that course.

Before accepting their offer

Support students to check the offer carefully. Just because they’ve received an unconditional offer, doesn’t mean that it’s the right course for them. Encourage them to continue to do as much research as possible to ensure they are certain of the course content, the university lifestyle and possible career paths available once they’ve finished. Even though students may no longer need to meet the course entry requirements, they may still need to obtain a DBS check or meet other medical requirements. If there are any concerns about this, they can contact the university to find out more before accepting. 

Once they have accepted

Remind them of the importance of their Level 3 studies. The knowledge, skills and techniques they learn now will be invaluable to them when they study at university. Working to their full potential now will make the step up to degree level study easier. 

Keeping options open

Students change their mind! Level 3 qualifications are the gateway to degree level study. Even though students may have an unconditional offer, it doesn’t mean that they won’t have a change of heart later on down the line. By obtaining the best grades possible for them at Level 3, if they then wish to change direction, it means that there are more pathways to other courses and career pathways available to them.

The Student Recruitment Team at USW can support students who have received an unconditional offer from USW.

If you would like more information or for us to support your students who’ve received an unconditional offer from USW, e-mail [email protected]  

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The UK Student Recruitment Team and Recruitment Events Teams want to ensure that they meet their responsibility to safeguard and protect the children and vulnerable adults they work with, and to ensure that the highest possible standards in terms of safeguarding are maintained. 

It is, therefore appropriate that both teams have a clear policy, and procedures in place, to refer to when there is concern for a child’s or vulnerable adult’s welfare or the conduct of a member of staff. 

To access the UK Student Recruitment Team and Recruitment Events Team Safeguarding Policy & Procedures please click here.

This policy is based on and is underpinned by the University of South Wales’s Safeguarding Policy.

If you have any questions regarding the UK Student Recruitment Team and Recruitment Events Team Safeguarding Policy & Procedures please email the team or call 03455 760 751.

So often, in a busy school environment, we are unaware of the struggles our colleagues are facing. Volunteering for 1 to 1 peer coaching can provide staff with opportunities to support each other in a positive and effective way. 

Our brand-new coaching programmes for educators are here!

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