Measuring the impact of social care

social care

The University is leading a research project to study the impact of social care on people throughout Wales, and recommend changes to the way care and support is delivered.

Working in partnership with Interlink RCT, Measuring the Mountain published a unique report following its formation of a Citizens' Jury, which listened to experiences of people throughout Wales who are involved in social care.

Funded by Welsh Government, the project has collected almost 500 personal stories that reveal the complex, vulnerable, and important relationships people have when they are carers or need care and support.

The jurors explored the stories in order to understand the early impact of Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014, before making a series of recommendations, outlining the need for straightforward, easy interactions with social care providers, the need to value and support carers, and the importance of collaboration at all levels of the sector.

The report's findings will inform a three-year evaluation of the Act by a USW research team, which aims to understand exactly what is needed by those accessing social care and ensure that resources are focused in the most effective places.