Robotics and AI in Care

Pepper robot

Pepper, the University's very own semi-humanoid robot, is one of the world's first to communicate in Welsh, having been specially programmed by staff and students in the School of Engineering.

He is able to perform a vast range of tasks which could potentially benefit thousands of people across Wales and beyond. The University is currently in advanced discussion with Powys Teaching Health Board to deliver a pilot programme, which aims to enhance the living standards of elderly people in the most remote parts of the country.

In some rural parts of mid Wales, it could take up to 35 hours to alert authorities if a person had fallen ill, and potentially longer for the patient to receive medical aid. Using advanced robotics and Artificial Intelligence could reduce this waiting time to just a few minutes by evaluating their quality of living, the type of care an individual needs and, crucially, providing assurance that the correct systems are in place to take care of them.

The University has also explored Pepper's potential to work with children with additional learning needs and dementia patients, simulating a caring role and being able to monitor their well-being and mental health.