To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022, we have rounded up some of our inspiring USW graduates to talk about their businesses and what life is really like as an entrepreneur.

Starting a business can be incredibly intimidating, even daunting at first. The determination, commitment and resilience in every self-starter is truly admirable. 

Below you'll find a selection of our inspiring entrepreneurial USW graduates, all with their own story to tell. Look, read and listen to the journeys of these amazing go-getters and see what you can learn. 

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Toby Cameron


Director, producer & founder of On Par Productions, Toby Cameron creates branded content, TV Ads, and High-End Documentaries you want to watch. We visited him at his studio in Cardiff Bay to hear about life behind the camera. 

Arhantika Rebello

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Arhantika is a London based photographer and the founder / editor in chief of QUAKE digital - a youth-focused creative digital content platform. QUAKE seeks to provide opportunities to young global creatives and amplify their voices.

Jordan Day Williams


Jordan is the owner of Cobra Music Studios, a recording studio in the heart of Newport specialising in choral, orchestral and brass ensemble recording alongside audiobook production. Step into a world of music below!

Matt Sochor


Matt Sochor is changing how we shop for the better. As the co-founder of sustainable shopping platform ‘Ethy’, Matt explains the importance of empowering others to shop more consciously. Learn more here!

Jodie Evans


Jodie Evans has combined two of her passions in life and created something incredibly unique. As a climbing photographer, Jodie has taught herself specific skills in order to create her breathtaking images. Read more below!

Lorna Collins


Lorna Collins specialises in design for fashion and beauty brands. Her love of working with other female entrepreneurs and strong style aesthetic is a winning combination in her industry. Take a look at her work below!

Kamal Ali


Kamal Ali created the world’s first educational interactive prayer mat for children; My Salah Mat. The prayer mat guides young Muslims step by step through prayers in a fun way. Read more about Kamal's global business below! 

Sophie Collins


Sophie Collins is a Social Media Marketing Specialist by day and candle maker by night. Running her own business Hestia Scents, where she makes beautiful candles at her home studio in Wales. Learn more here!

Enterprise at USW

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