As part of Pride month we met with graduate Adam, an LGBTQ+ activist and Vice Chair of Newport's first ever Pride festival, Pride in the Port.

Why is Pride still important?

The birth of Pride happened when a group of activists stood up for the LGBTQ+ community - it's part of our history and part of our heritage. 

We still have a huge fight and battle on our hands, not just in Wales and the UK but also to solidarity to other countries across the world where being gay is illegal, sometimes punishable by death. So until LGBTQ+ people can be free to be themselves without any form discrimination, hurt or prejudice, Pride is still needed.

What are your top tips to be a better ally to the LGBTQ+ community?

1. Be a voice - if we aren't there to represent ourselves, speak up for us.

2. Love - because we all need love.

3. Celebrate life and achievements with us - so we can feel included with loved ones and friends. 


How are you celebrating Pride '22?

This year I'll be going to many Pride celebrations around South Wales! I'm also the Vice Chair of Newport's first ever Pride festival 'Pride in the Port' which has been top of my bucket list for the past 10-15 years so to have that become reality is just a massive dream come true for myself. 

So I'll be going to that in September and then I'm going to Malta to carry on the celebrations straight afterwards in 30 degree heat! Where I can chill out and enjoy Pride and be a spectator instead of an organiser. 

Who Inspires You?

My biggest inspiration would have to be Lu Thomas who is the ex-chair of Pride Cymru. 

When I founded and set up 'Rainbow Newport', she was there every step of the way giving me guidance, advice and support around the activism side of things when I launched the 'Take my Blood' campaign and helped me to challenge governments within Wales and the UK around the ban preventing gay and bisexual men to give blood. She was always there to give me guidance around how to go about it and she is just all around amazing and really inspirational.