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Meet: Dilara Babaoglu

Starting your business could be the best thing you ever do


Meet Dilara Babaoglu:

BA (Hons) Human Resources Management graduate class of 2017

"It’s always been our dream, to have our own business, to support other businesses and be successful. For us, it was the right time."

Tell us about your business

Local Besties is an online shop launching in August 2022, where customers can buy products from (local) Scottish businesses. Products range from candles, coffee, chocolate, pet supplies to spiritual supplies, soaps and much more.

We guarantee product value, as we work closely with our suppliers.

What’s your favourite part of being self employed?

There is not just one but many things: different aspects coming together, building a brand, seeing the final results, working for ourselves and be the employer we always wanted the have.

What 3 tips would you give someone who is thinking about starting their own business?

The three tips we would give somebody for starting their own business:

1. Be prepared to make a lot of changes. Even if it looks perfect at first glance, things will change many times before launching any product or business

2. Think outside the box. Who can help and support, who’s expertise is helpful, who has failed at something similar and why?

3. LOVE your business and your customers! When you really love and believe in what you do, you can achieve anything.

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