2013 Fashion Design Graduate Launches his own label

Imtayaz in Studio.jpeg

Imtayaz Qassim graduated from BA (Hons) Fashion Design in 2013 and now has his own luxury menswear brand and also creates a bespoke collection for Gareth Bale. 

Luxury Menswear brand

After graduating, I went straight to work for Represent for a couple of years which was a great learning curve. From there I worked with A-COLD-WALL* briefly before working freelance with a number of brands worldwide. 

Now I have my own label, which is a conceptual luxury Menswear brand, channeling an aesthetic that challenges opinions, combines culture and heritage whilst expressing a story through contemporary design.  

Celebrity clientele

My designs have been worn by celebrities including Justin Bieber, Tyga and Gareth Bale. 

I create a Bespoke collection for Gareth Bale each season of around 40-45 pieces. The collections include all style garments as well as headwear, footwear and accessories. We’ve known each other for a long time so it all happened pretty organically. I think it’s just that I get what it is he wants for himself. Everything’s bespoke, made just for Gareth and I understand what he’s looking for.

My time at University

I genuinely enjoyed my time at the university. I feel like I found myself as a designer more in the third year, but the years leading up to it were just as amazing. For me, the staff made my experience - I couldn’t have asked for better tutors in education and mentors outside of education.

The live projects where we would design and create work based on a real life company were very useful, especially when the designers would come in to give us real industry feedback.


I’m planning to show my new Autumn Winter 2017 collection in Paris and New York in January, so I’m just prepping for that at the moment and dealing with everything from the current collection.

My advice for anyone aspiring to be a designer is to be real and stay true to yourself and your vision. Don’t be afraid to take risks. You really have to live and be fully dedicated to this life if it’s what you want, so give it everything.

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