#reconnectwithUSW: USW as the employer's partner

Business student on Waitrose

As a USW graduate working in business, the third sector or making your way as an entrepreneur, we recognise that working smarter to develop both your personal and professional brand is essential. As a graduate connected with USW you can access an ever-expanding range of alumni benefits and services, and as a work place professional, we’re delighted to be able to provide added value for your organisation too.

Engage our students

Our students bring fresh thinking and innovative approaches to help achieve real business outcomes. By engaging our students to work with you on developing new ideas, solving complex problems or helping your organisation with strategic realignment, you benefit from new perspectives while also supporting students’ applied learning. 

Recruit graduate talent

If you’re looking for new staff, the University is a great place to start. Our students and graduates are motivated, ambitious and well-qualified, bringing with them applied skills so critical for today’s global environment. We can work with you to identify talent straight from the classroom and can help you get your message out to your chosen audience through our online jobs board, large scale campus events and bespoke recruitment presentations.

Develop your talent

Transform practical skills, business knowledge and confidence through professional training or postgraduate studies. Whether you are looking to kick-start or accelerate your career - or that of your colleagues - we offer a wide range of learning & development courses and Masters degrees to support successful career futures.

Grow your business profile

Raise the profile of your organisation within the University and associated networks by speaking at one of our on-campus career events, establishing a student bursary or perhaps supporting academic expertise by endowing a faculty chair. 

Gain insight and knowledge

Join us for our Global Choices Talking Points lectures and witness inspiring addresses given by leading artists, diplomats, politicians and campaigners that address some of the most complex and pressing challenges facing the world today. Open invitation is also extended to our Professorial Inaugural Lecture Series that profiles the academic excellence of the University’s professorial staff, and brings leading research and thinking to the wider community.

Unlock your organisation’s potential

Partner with us to design bespoke solutions that make a measurable difference to your workplace. Influenced by our aim to create partnerships rather than 'one-size fits all' delivery, we take the time to understand your organisation’s development needs and design programmes accordingly.

Are you a graduate in business who would like to unlock greater potential? Update your details to start the conversation.

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