Welcome to new alumni team member, Zoe Rowson

Zoe Rowson - Alumni Team

As the University of South Wales embarks on a new strategic vision with enterprise and entrepreneurship at its core, we're pleased to welcome Zoe Rowson as our new Alumni Enterprise Engagement Coordinator.

As Alumni Enterprise Engagement Coordinator, Zoe will be supporting the delivery of how the University engages with and reflects the excellence of its graduate entrepreneurs. Whether monitoring graduate start-ups or devising compelling communications to highlight the vibrancy of the community, Zoe will ensure the fullest possible reflection of the University of South Wales’ graduate entrepreneur network.

Zoe will partner on projects with colleagues in USW Student Enterprise, Startup Stiwdio and USW Exchange, amongst others.

We asked Zoe...

What inspired you to work with entrepreneurial alumni?

I have worked in various marketing and design roles across multiple local Welsh businesses. I have recently moved from London where I supported the marketing, alumnae and enterprise teams in a leading independent school. After working on a range of projects I noticed how I was helping students to better understand and develop their futures. Motivated from this, I wanted to push my skills to the next level and use them to support ambitious, creative and curious university graduates and alumni.

Tell us about your background.

In 2017, I graduated from Aberystwyth University and possessed a joint honours degree in Film and Television Studies & Fine Art. By combining both creative and technological sides of my degree it has since opened a wide range of exciting opportunities for me.

During my time at Aberystwyth I worked my way to being Chair of Aberystwyth Student Media. I would oversee the daily management of the student radio, television and newspaper. It was almost like running a small media company and I believe that this is where my entrepreneurial passion started kicking in.

Tell us a bit more about yourself.

In my down time I like to combine my creative and entrepreneurial mindset to create digital illustrations, embroideries and up-cycled clothing. I then use social media and marketing apps to
share my hobbies and enjoyment.

I’m a keen blood donor and I’m always willing to partake in charitable events ranging from Race for Life to 24hr radio shows. So, if you see me randomly about in fancy dress don’t panic as there’ll be some sort of reason behind it!

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