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Big Weekend is open to everyone.

As a graduate of the University - whether University of South Wales, University of Glamorgan, University of Wales, Newport or perhaps our predecessor Polytechnic institutions - the message is the same: Welcome! 

2018 sees those classes who graduated in years ending in a 3 or an 8 mark special milestone years. So whether you're a graduate from 10 years ago, or 40 years ago - we'd be delighted to see you back on campus.

Families and partners are most welcome to attend too, although our dining event on the evening of Saturday 17 will be restricted to adults over 18 only.

Those listed below are specific cohorts, Faculty or discipline groups that are - so far -  taking part in the Weekend. Don't worry if you don't spot your specific group, as graduates and staff from across the University, and representing a range of disciplines, will be attending

Have you been thinking about forming a reunion group or generally keen to revisit former haunts to see what they look like today? Much has likely changed since you were last on campus - register for the Weekend today, or contact us and we can help you reconnect with your classmates and department.

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Students' Union and all former SU Presidents and Executive Officers

The Alumni Office and Students' Union are keen to hear from any former Students' Union Presidents or Executive Officers as we aim to reunite the generations. Are you a former President or do you know who represented the SU in a certain year? We'd love to hear from you as we rebuild our Student's Union timeline. 

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History - all years

Dr Jane Finucane, Course Leader history - and colleagues - warmly welcome graduates of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences  back to campus for Alumni Big Weekend 2018. 

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Join like-minded history alumni and gather for an informal light lunch to hear from a number of fellow alumni as they give us a snapshot into their lives., past, present and future. A slightly more in-depth look at one aspect of local history which will be followed by an opportunity to network and chat with alumni , current students, staff and former staff. This fast paced, cheerfully informal session is a must for all with an interest in history.

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USW Sport

Steve 'Savs' Savage invites all former sports students and students who were involved with sport back to campus for one or more of the sessions planned. Register for the pop up talk and take a tour of the University's new indoor sports facilities, sign up for the inaugural Footy Tournament or simply join us for lunch.

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Computer Forensics - all years

Andy Bellamy, Course Leader Computer Forensics - and colleagues - warmly welcome graduates of the School of Computing and Mathematics  back to campus for Alumni Big Weekend 2018. 

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Games - all years

Richard Hurford, Course Leader for the BA(Hons) Computer Games Enterprise course is inviting interested alumni to attend Big Weekend 2018.

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BA Business Studies 1980-1983

Paul Gibson (1979-1983), group leader for the BA Business Studies class - broadly 1980-1983 - is inviting interested classmates to attend Big Weekend 2018.

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