Global Choices Lecture Series: Jonathan Evans, former director of the Security Service (MI5)

25 January 2018 1pm to 2pm

Location: Pontypridd Campus, Treforest campus, CF37 1DL

Audience: Public

Cost: Free of Charge

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Terrorism, Security and MI5

Concerns about national security in the UK are at the highest points for decades. From the attacks in London in July 2007, to the bomb which killed 22 people in Manchester in May 2017, threats from domestic terrorism have increased sharply over the last decade.

A spate of attacks in 2017 have led to criticisms of MI5, the British Security Services, that it is not doing enough to protect UK domestic security. Defending its role, current Head of MI5, Andrew Parker, has revealed the Security Service had thwarted at least 20 major attacks on the UK in the last four years.

Our speaker, and the previous Director of MI5, Jonathan Evans, has said this is a threat likely to run for another two decades. As Chief of the British Security Service, or MI5 as it is more commonly known, for six years, Jonathan Evans had overall responsibility for the domestic security of the UK.

After joining MI5 in 1980, he remained with the Security Service in a career which spanned over 30 years, including a leading role in counter-terrorism in Northern Ireland and, later, as head of international counter-terrorism, before being appointed in 2007 as Director General of MI5.