Global Choices Lecture Series: Steven Frank, Holocaust Survivor

13 February 2018 12pm to 1pm

Location: Pontypridd Campus, Treforest campus, CF37 1DL

Audience: Public

Cost: Free of Charge

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Child Holocaust Survivor

What lessons can history teach us about how we should live today?

Seventy years ago, Allied forces liberated the Theresienstadt concentration camp in what is today in the north of the Czech Republic, one of a series of such places which the Nazis used as the sites for their genocide.

Today, as those with direct experience of one of the darkest moments of modern history are dwindling in number, this lecture looks at prejudice in the context of the Holocaust and seen through the eyes of one who lived through it.

Born in Amsterdam in 1935, when World War 2 ended Steven Frank was a nine-year old interred in the Theresienstadt ghetto in what was then Czechoslovakia - and out of 15,000 Jewish children held there, only 93 survived to be liberated by the Soviets.

His lecture reflects on his direct experiences of the Holocaust, its personal costs and the wider lessons of memory and tolerance.