Student Experience Fund

Student Experience Fund 2019-20

University is an experience, not just an education.

Thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends of the University, we are able to offer students the chance to apply for grants from the USW Student Experience Fund - supporting those who want to get the best out of their time at university.

The Student Experience Fund exists to provide students with funding to help them to develop the skills, drive and opportunities that they need to succeed after graduation. Students are best placed to tell us what it is they need to make their USW experience even better to ensure that they stand out from the crowd.

Remember your student days and wish to help others get the best out of the time at uni? As an alumnus/a of the University, you have the power to create a better future for the students of today by supporting the University financially with a donation or by donating your time and joining our network of alumni already volunteering to help inspire our current cohort with stories of their journey.

Whether it’s covering costs to attend a conference, helping fund equipment for a student society or developing an innovative project that will add value to the student community or academic experience, we welcome all applications! 

The Fund's emphasis is on granting money to provide students with an enhanced university experience - helping them to develop the skills, drive and opportunities that they need to succeed after graduation and beyond. Ideally the funding should benefit as wide a constituency as possible, although applications benefiting a more limited group is not necessarily dismissed.

Unfortunately we're unable to grant money to initiatives that have already taken place and applicants should at no time rely on the potential of winning grant money to reimburse costs they have already paid out for.

If you're experiencing more fundamental personal hardship you may be eligible for support from the University's Student Support Fund. In this context, personal hardship is assessed by looking at the difference between income and expenditure. Please contact a Money and Support Adviser to discuss your situation further. Please note that the Fund is not able to fund equipment or materials for courses that had previously disclosed these elements as a requirement of completing the course.

Applications are welcomed from individual undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as representatives from student groups, such as University clubs and societies. We welcome applications from student or staff representatives from academic departments too. 

The Panel is unable to consider funding projects or clubs/societies that, or individuals who have been successful in gaining funding in the previous year. Given the number of applications received each year, the Fund looks to ensure a fair distribution of grants across the breath of initiatives that apply for funding. Were you successful in winning funding more than a year ago? If so, we welcome your application, although would favour a new project rather than an application for repeat or similar funding.

We have no less than £2,500 within the Student Experience Fund for 2020-21 round of distribution. Applications can be made and will be considered for any amount up to £2,500 though any one project is very unlikely to receive more than 75% of the funds available (£1,875).

Grant amounts vary. The amount needed to make an impact varies from project to project, so could be a couple of hundred pound through to more substantial amounts of over £1000. Your application will be more successful if it makes clear the exact amount that will make a difference and how it will benefit not only the applicant, but importantly the wider student community.

With the Fund's emphasis on granting money to develop impactful university experiences, the panel is keen to receive applications that clearly deliver the ability to enhance skills, encourage confidence & drive, and open up opportunities that perhaps otherwise would not be possible. 

A sprinkling of innovation is welcomed too, so whether your project is new or existing; consider how activities could be improved or amplified.

Ideally the funding should benefit as wide a constituency as possible, again underpinning the ethos of a shared and enhanced student experience.

Applications with a link to a specific Faculty or member of staff may demonstrate that the project/project concept has gained a visibility and community value. The panel welcomes applications that outline Faculty or staff endorsement or involvement as appropriate.

*The 2020-21 Student Experience Fund is currently on hold due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation. *

Applications can be made online from Tuesday 1 September 2020.

*The 2020-21 Student Experience Fund is currently on hold due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation. *

Applications close 5pm (GMT) on Friday 13 November 2020.

*The 2020-21 Student Experience Fund is currently on hold due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation. *

Once applications have closed on Friday 13 November, the Panel will convene to consider all applications. The result of deliberations will be communicated to all applicants no later than Friday 4 December. The Panel's decision is final. 

Successful applicants must agree to a set of terms and conditions in order to receive the funds, with obligations including spending the grant before a certain time and providing an end of year report to evidence impact.

The Student Experience Fund is an annual opportunity that opens each September, with a specific objective of enhancing the USW student experience. We welcome re-submissions where the project and impact are better defined than in previous applications. 

However, it could be that your funding need is more appropriate to one of the University's financial support funds - Student Support Fund, Care Leaver Bursary, Carers Bursary, Homeless Bursary or Emergency Funding. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please email a Money and Support Advisor for support, or make an appointment to discuss your situation further.


How alumni generosity has supported current students


Investment in new kit and equipment helps USW sports teams thrive

Donors have kindly given in support of purchasing clothing, equipment and travel for our USW sports teams over the years. This financial assistance has been invaluable in helping the University run its sports programmes. From basketball to badminton, cricket to golf - supporters of USW have contributed to the success of all 17 of our sports teams. 

Daisy P, law books

Generous donations to our Law Faculty has enabled our library to invest in a number of key texts relevant to our law scholars. 

Donations from our 2012 campaign have also contributed to renewing our library stocks, helping students remain at the forefront of thinking.