Student support

Donations to the University of South Wales can help ensure that we are able to continue welcoming student talent to higher education, regardless of personal background or financial ability.

By donating in support of student support we can also be in a better position to respond to the needs of our students as they arise, helping ensure they remain in their studies.

Whether your wish is to help alleviate student hardship or to celebrate academic scholarship, your donation can be life-changing. 

If you'd like to do more than donate to our existing Fund and would like to talk to us about creating your own bursary or scholarship, please contact us.

No words could describe how thankful I am for the life changing bursary I received. The generosity of Helen Kegie has changed my life in so many ways. I can make something of myself and actually achieve my dreams. I’m not held back because of my limited finances Angharad Howe, 2015 Kegie Bursary recipient


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